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There is TRAI’s regulation on sender id

Maximum length of sender id has been fixed at 8 characters

Each senderid has to pass through approval channel for approval.




SMS trimming

It is important to understand SMS trimming

Some of the SMS providers do SMS trimming but we are strongly against sms trimming.

SMS trimming means that say you sent 100 sms then only certain percentage of numbers will be sent the sms and remaining will not be sent.

Eg say out of 100 only 70 sms may be actually sent.

We are strongly against sms trimming. We send 100% of the sms and do not do any kind of trimming.




SMS privacy

www.stickystuffs.com is very well known company and we maintain our customer’s privacy. We do not disclose our client’s data to anyone unless it becomes legally binding on us.




Multiple gateways

We are associated with several telecom oprators in India and provide sms solutions from multiple operators.


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