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Enterprise SMS solution

You need to transmit some important information inside your Enterprise?
Urgent messages, message about business meeting or to remind on assignment of any labor task.
Using our sms gateway  you can do it on-the-fly.
You and your organization can find our sms gateways  as the effective communication channel.
It’s an efficient way of dialogue between you and your partners.
Instead of using phone or e-mail, you simply send your SMS directly to one person as a personal message or to several groups at once.
In dialogue with clients it's very important to search the opportunities of individual and effective contact.  If you are working with customers you may want to send a notice about arrival of the ordered goods, promotions and sales, information on the products or services, information on exchange rates and so on.
Whenever you send an email…you have to wait for when the other person will check mail…BUT…Think of sms …it gives instant access.
And of course if you are really a sociable person, you can widely use Our SMS SOLUTION  to stay in touch with all your friends, no matter in which part of the world they are located.
Don’t forget about them! Send some kind words, holiday greetings and remind of any events!
You can schedule SMS … no more forgetting of Birthdays/ meetings. It is very useful in maintaining corporate relationship.


•    Text messages are 160 characters in length;
Our sms softwares allows you to send long sms too.
•    Prepaid SMS solution;
All messages you send using our sms solutions is absolutely tension free.
•    Corporate SMS delivery;
You can send the same SMS to the groups of recipients and to continuous range of cell phone numbers at once.
•    Interface is adapted to SMS standards;
Special exclusive interface helps you to forget about complex rules of SMS.
•    Web based software and desktop software;
We have online software accessible through web browser and also desktop software;
•    One-touch sending;
You can use sending SMS to predefined group of numbers, even you can upload numbers from excel or text files
•    Customized software;
we provide customized software which will help you to send sms at a speed which is uncomparable.
•    Built-in Outgoing List (drafts);
Ability to compose your text messages and save it to send later.
•    Corporate will be able to add user accounts;
If required we provide such rights to the corporate so that you can add users with limited number of sms or limited sms validity. Or limited Sender id etc…
•    Delivery reports
Check delivery reports online or export it to excel sheet.
•   Customized SMS
SMS can be customized….each recipient’s name or other detail can be picked up from text file or excel
•   SMS Api
We have SMS Api to link our gateways to your softwares / ERP packages / POS
•   Loyalty Program
We also have separate program for managing your loyalty program based on SMS …. No cards needed…just customer’s mobile phone is enough.

FREE trial

DEMO is fully functional.  (for serious corporate only)
•    Contact us for a FREE TRIAL.
•    Few SMS credit is provided by us for demo.
•    Limited trial period.
•    Paid Trial will allow you for a longer demo period with greater number of SMS

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