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How much response does bulk sms marketing give:

  • The response varies, depending on the sms contents
  • Usually response is higher in jobs related SMS
  • Commonly marketing SMS for product promotions give 0.001% response
  • Sending SMS to one's own customers give better response.

TRAI's restrictions regarding Bulk SMS marketing:

TRAI restricts use of bulk SMS marketing by implementing NDNC. Thus you cannot send "Unsolicited Commercial Communication" (UCC SMS).
Our server has a separate route for live NDNC scrubbing which scans for NDNC numbers (Live) and does not send SMS to numbers registered under NDNC

What to do if you sent SMS to someone and he calls you with a threat?

  • "Prevention is better than cure" - Always filter for NDNC numbers or use our live NDNC scrubbing.
  • First appologize him and assure him that he wont recieve any further SMS from your end.
  • Remove his number from your SMS sending list
  • Inform the source of your data regarding this so that they can remove this number from their databse
  • Inform your Bluk SMS provider (By mail) so that they be careful regarding the consequences
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